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Red Dog Press, LLC
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A boy vanishes. But not just any boy.

1899 years after the Catastrophe, Bridges is owned by the Mob. As the city's steam-driven infrastructure fails, a new faction rises: the Red Dogs.

Jacqueline Spadros is haunted by her best friend Air's death, killed as he tried to stop her sale to the Spadros crime syndicate ten years ago. Now in an unwilling marriage to the city's biggest drug lord, she secretly runs a small-time private eye business to earn enough money to escape.

Air's little brother disappears from his back porch. And now someone is following Jacqui.

Dark, gritty, psychological, multi-layered Victorian-inspired far future detective noir that keeps the reader guessing to the very end.

This is the first of a 13-part serial novel:

  • The Jacq of Spades <-- you are here
  • The Queen of Diamonds
  • The Ace of Clubs
  • The King of Hearts
  • The Ten of Spades
  • The Five of Diamonds
  • The Two of Hearts
  • The Three of Spades (coming soon)

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The Jacq of Spades ebook

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